Why Business Awnings Are Great Signs

Awnings can give a business a classy look that is both aesthetically pleasing and noticeable.

Not only can a business awning help to improve the look of a business, but it also won’t have the same maintenance costs associated with a sign.

There are a number of benefits to having awnings over your business, from providing shelter for customers to making it easier to make your business stand out from the other businesses around it.

If you have been considering a new business sign, here are a few reasons why you should consider a commercial awning.

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Curb Appeal

An awning is the perfect way to help potential customers to find your place. This is perfect if your business is along a busy street or mixed in with many other businesses (as opposed to having a building to itself).

A new awning can also make your establishment look a little more stylish while allowing you to present your business’s name and logo like a sign. The truth is that a good looking awning can draw attention to your place, potentially increasing the amount of traffic into your business.

A Unique, Easy to Identify Look

There is something comforting about an awning. They provide an elegant look while offering customers a little something extra.

They provide a little bit of protection from the elements. In the event of rain, it is more likely that customers will wander into your business to wait out the rain, which means a potential increase in sales.

An awning also makes it easy to identify your business for what it is without being gaudy or obnoxious.

If you want your business to look a certain way, awnings make this easy to do without having to put a lot of time and effort into designing the perfect appearance.

Low Maintenance Costs

While there are a lot of good things about LED signs, they require maintenance to ensure they provide the right look.

An awning accomplishes this without costing you anything extra on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be maintained (you should keep it clean and whole), but the maintenance costs are lower.

With an awning, you won’t need to worry about the appearance of your sign changing because a light is out or the entire sign being completely turned off. You will need to look for tears and holes, but as long as you conduct regular cleanings, these can be seen and repaired before they become serious problems.

Lowering Power Bills

Not only do awnings give customers protection from the elements, they can help to lower your business’s regular costs.

Because they provide shade to the front of your company, it will reduce the cost of air conditioning on hot days. The additional shade will mean that it stays cooler for longer and may even mean you have days where you won’t need to run the AC as the seasons change.

The additional shade can also reduce how much sun exposure items to the front of the business suffer. This means that the colors of clothing, furniture, and other items will not become faded as quickly because they will have limited exposure to the sun for shorter durations of time.

Additional Outdoor Space

Depending on the size of your awning, you can have more space for your business.

If you have a café, clothing store, or sale items, this can increase the amount of space you have for selling clothing or for customers who want to be outside. Spring and fall tend to be some of the best times, but if the summer isn’t too hot, you will likely enjoy having the extra space as you will have more customers who can use that space.

The additional room for chairs and tables is a real boon to cafes and restaurants as it literally means having space for more customers.

On a nice day, more people are going to want to be outdoors, and with an awning you can provide more space in relative comfort.

Adding a Business Message and Information

Awnings do more than just provide shelter and reduce costs – they can also include messages and information so that potential customers can learn more about what you have to offer.

Vinyl lettering and digital graphics (such as your logo) can be added to the awning so that it always features the name and image you want to present. You can also add a phone number and a few other pieces of information so that people can call if they don’t have time to stop now.

While lighting is not required, you can add it so that your awning is visible at night. In the winter particularly, this can prove to be very helpful. The lights can be set to turn on at a particular time of day, so that you don’t pay to light up the awning sign when there is ample daylight.

Awning Materials

You can choose from one of several different material types so that your sign provides the right look and feel for your company.

  • Vinyl-laminated polyester with an acrylic topcoat looks like vinyl but has protection so that it looks good longer.
  • Sunbrellas have the look and feel of canvas but are made of a fabric that is 100% sunbrella acrylic. This means that it will handle the changes in weather better than the traditional canvas.
  • Aluminum is a common component of awnings because it is light and durable. Fabricate awnings and canopies have a completely aluminum construction.


If you are considering getting an awning, there are several different factors that you should understand about the cost.


The material that you use for your awning is going to be one of the primary contributors to the cost of your awning.

Generally, you will want to weigh the cost of the material against the expected cost for maintaining it and its life-expectancy in your area. One material will do well in a sunny town, while another material is better for colder, rainier climates.


The overall length of the awning is another major component to the cost.

If you want an awning that is long, it is going to cost you more because it will require more materials and more features to stabilize it.


The height of the back of the awning frame is a cost that most people forget to consider. However, the location where your awning touches the wall is going to be a fairly important cost as you want an awning that will stay in place.

Digital Graphics

The addition of a graphic, such as a logo, is going to cost more, and the more intricate the graphic, the greater the cost. The more colors you add to the graphic, the greater the cost is likely to be as well.


If you decide that you want your awning lit, that will cost extra. You will also need to account for maintenance costs of the lights so that you can keep the sign properly lit.

Graphic Designs

You also need to consider the depth of the awning, or the projection from the wall. The greater the depth of your awning, the higher the cost.

Final Words About Business Awnings

Business Awnings provide a great look for any business, even for stand-alone businesses.

They come in many different shapes and sizes and can give you a little more space to really advertise your business in a way that is unobtrusive.

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