8 Reasons to Replace Your Fluorescent Lights with an LED Sign

Fluorescent lights have been used by companies for decades. But the newest technology has affected more than just how we work, but it has changed nearly every aspect of most businesses – including a better, more efficient way to light your business and your signs.

LED signs provide not only a more professional appearance, they are more cost-efficient, too. If you have been considering making the switch from your fluorescent lighted signs to something a little more modern, here are a few more reasons to make the switch:

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1. Energy Efficient – Better for Your Wallet and the Environment

One of the main selling points of LED signs is that they require less power to stay lit. Averaging about 50% less energy consumption when compared to traditional fluorescents, LEDs can help significantly reduce your power bill.

Since they use less power, they are also more environmentally friendly, making them a better, more responsible solution.

2. Lower Operating Temperatures

Part of their reduced energy usage is because they can operate at a lower temperature than fluorescents. This makes them better for use outdoors during the winter, as well as being preferred for other cold areas, such as large freezers and cold storage places.

If your business has a display refrigerator or freezer, this is the perfect way to grab attention without increasing costs.

3. Longer Life Span

LED signs not only save you money during regular operation, they have a longer average life span that fluorescents.

Their longer life span extends to being turned on and off. Frequent changes in its state can reduce the life span of a fluorescent light, the more you turn them on and off, the less time they will last.

If you want a sign that flashes, this will mean you will need to replace your lights more often unless you have LED lights.

  • The best LED lights are guaranteed to last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours, depending on the kind of fixture that they are attached to.
  • The best fluorescent lights average between 8,000 and 10,000 hours, making them much less energy efficient. You will have to replace them more often, increasing both the cost and amount of time needed to maintain your signs.

4. Near Instant Lighting and Better Controls

Flipping on a sign used to require a waiting period before the sign would actually light up. Not with an LED Sign!

Because LED bulbs do not require the longer heat up times and heating that fluorescent lights need, they light up nearly instantaneously. When you first turn on your sign on a dark morning or following a power outage, your sign will let people know more quickly that you are open for business. This also could reduce the number of calls by customers trying to determine if you are open.

Not only do the lights turn on faster, LEDs are more compatible with controls.

If you want to adjust the lighting, LEDs are easier to integrate and control than fluorescents. Since LEDs are a type of semiconductor device, they are easier to install and control.

5. A More Durable Solution

Fluorescent lights are fragile and sometimes dangerous.

LEDs are much more durable so that you do not need to worry as much about them slipping when you are changing them.

Designed specifically to be break resistant, you can relax knowing that your LEDs are not likely to be affected by shaking or other vibrations that can knock fluorescents from their sockets. Many signs use soldering and different types of connectivity to ensure that the lights remain in place until they need to be changed.

6. Ditching the Ultraviolet Lights and Mercury

A large part of what makes fluorescents dangerous is the amount of ultraviolet light they emit. Based on a study conducted in 2008, the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks linked fluorescent lights to several diseases associated with ultraviolet light.

While this is more of a concern for someone who works with the lights frequently, the exposure can harm others who have regular exposure. Ultraviolet lights also hurt items like paintings, textiles, and other inanimate objects, and that damage can harm your business.

In addition to ultraviolet light, fluorescent lights also have mercury, which is another health concern.

It means that if the light breaks, those exposed are at risk of mercury-related contact issues. Mercury is a toxic element that can cause serious problems. Because of this, fluorescents require special handling and disposal.

7. Better, Livelier Colors and Options

LEDs have a crisper, more distinguished look than fluorescent lights. They can make your sign stand out a lot more because the lights are clearer.

They also come in a much wider array of colors, giving your sign not only a clearer look but a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

8. Making the Most of Smart Technology

Because they are a type of semiconductor technology, LEDs are easy to integrate into a smart system. If your business is moving to smart technology, LED signs can be one more area where you can upgrade your business.

You can use them with intelligent sensors too, making them multi-functional.

LED Channel Letter Signs

If you are thinking of a new sign with LED lights, you should definitely consider Channel Letters.

With a channel letter sign, you are getting a sign that is versatile and looks good. Since it will be lit by LEDs, you know it will last for a long time before it needs any repairs.

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