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Bronze & Aluminum Plaques

Bronze and Aluminum Plaques are cast at a Foundry, a factory for casting metal. The metal casting process requires melting the metal to a liquid state and then pouring it into a mold to create your product. After cooling, a proprietary (unique to each Foundry) process is used to finish and paint your plaque. The permanence of cast bronze or aluminum, combined with design versatility, make cast plaques an excellent choice for signage, memorial, and recognition projects. True casting naturally features the attributes of the metal and conveys a feeling of quality and tradition.

Since there are complicated design requirements to produce quality cast products, most of the high-quality Foundries use distributors to sell their products to Customers. The distributors are responsible for working with the Customers to create their design within the required parameters for proper casting and then coordinating the casting and finishing process through the Foundry. After the product is cast, the distributors are responsible for installing the plaque per the Customer’s specifications.


Matthew Bronze Products

Precision Sign & Awning is one of the region’s largest distributors for Matthews Bronze Products, and we only use Matthews Bronze products for all of our customers’ cast metal projects.

There are many companies that advertise and imply that they are casting In-House and selling direct, but the vast majority are distributors for large foundries. Unfortunately, many of them do not have much experience at it. We have decades of experience partnering with Matthews Bronze and we are convinced that they are the world’s best Foundry for bronze and aluminum plaques. Not only are they the best in the business, their Foundry is located right here in Pittsburgh, PA.

Our very experienced employees will design your project and get it cast to perfection, finished per your exact specifications, and then installed at your location. There is no room for errors when designing and producing cast products, and customers should take great care in selecting an experienced Sign Company to help them design and coordinate their project in a mistake free and efficient manner. Whether you are designing way-finding or identification signage, or a tribute, few products can match the artistry and durability of a Matthews’ cast plaque. Precision Sign & Awning will help you create your project on deadline at a competitive price.

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