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Precision Sign & Awning has well maintained, late model cranes and bucket trucks for aerial work. Our least experienced installer has over (10) years’ experience. Our insurance is comprehensive and we will be glad to provide you a copy prior to doing any work for you.

Some business sign installations are fairly simple, but anytime that you start doing aerial work or lifting heavy signs, it is very serious business. It is not a place for fly-by-night or disreputable companies. Our experienced Installers know how to get your project installed safely and correctly and we are intimately aware that there is no room for errors or mistakes in our business.

Most of our sign installations are the final step in us completing your job. Most jobs have started at the design phase, gone through various production and manufacturing phases, and then we get the opportunity to install it and complete the job. We take great pride in doing it correctly and you will usually see an installer take a picture of your project when they are completed. They take the picture because every one of our employees wants to see that final product and they take individual pride in their contribution to it.

Most of our business sign service work involves fixing electrical signs but we can fix or refurbish any sign according to our customer’s specifications. We can weld and paint in the field when situations dictate it.

We look forward to having the opportunity to earn your business.

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