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Lighting Service

Well maintained and effective lighting directly impacts your business reputation. Your Customers’ safety and priority are certainly top priorities for any business.

We offer Parking Lot and Outdoor Lighting and Repair Services.

  • We have 25, 40, 50, and 60-foot Bucket Trucks to reach any parking lot or outdoor lights up to 60 feet.
  • We assist with bulb changes, other service-related problems, or complete LED retrofits.
  • We rent bucket truck for lift services to allow your electrician or contractor to complete your high reach work while our technician controls the lift from the ground.

If you have multiple outdoor parking lot or outdoor lights, recent technology has created numerous advantages in switching to LED lighting from decades old High-Intensity-Discharge-Fixtures (HID).

Benefits of Switching from (HID) to (LED) Lights

The benefits of LED lighting are significant, and the cost benefit analysis usually shows a complete return on investment within 3-4 years of the switch to LED lighting. That fact alone, irrespective of the superior lighting characteristics of the LED and their considerably longer life, make the switch to LED well worth considering.

  • LED Lights are the most environmentally friendly lights available with today’s technology. They emit virtually nil UV radiation.
  • LED lasts considerably longer; an average of 50,000 hours. HID lights are advertised to last 20,000 hours but our experience has shown that to be greatly over-estimated.
  • LED lights consume 60-65% LESS energy than the equally bright HID lights.
    • For example; a 150-watt LED produces lighting luminosity equal to a 400w HID light. Obviously, the energy savings are significant.
  • The quality of the LED lights is significantly better than HID lights. Even if the luminosity of the two types of lighting were equal, the LED are far more focused and have much less glare.
  • LED lights light to their brightest level immediately upon switching on. HID lights take over 10 minutes to reach their full power after turning them on.

Whether you need a simple bulb replaced, need some lights troubleshot, or are considering the switch to LED, we can assist you with professional service and competitive pricing.

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