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Direct to Garment Screen Printing

Instead of traditional screen-printing, we have a Kornit Direct to Garment Printer to provide a better quality design and garment.

We now produce a complete line of IN-HOUSE screen-printing and Embroidery on any type of apparel for your personal or company needs. We can produce T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, hats, work shirts or any clothing you desire at the highest quality at a competitive price. We have invested in the very best equipment available.

Instead of using the traditional screen-printing method that requires a separate screen for each color plus four additional screens to create a full color picture, we have a Kornit Direct to Garment Printer. The machine produces a vibrant long lasting print that has the same or better wash ability as traditional screen-printing. The Kornit is the first DTG Printer of its kind to produce prints equally well on black and other dark colors.

Direct to Garment Printing vs Screen Printing

Like screen-printing, we use a gas powered industrial drying belt to bake the colors into the apparel. However, Direct to Garment Printing is a cost effective solution for a complex design.

  • instead of needing to order (100) to (500) units of a multiple color T-shirt to make a complex design cost effective with a traditional screen-printer, we can produce (1) sample of your T-shirt or clothing for your inspection.
  • We can make additional sizes in the exact numbers that you require for considerably less than traditional screen-printing on most runs less than (200) pieces.

You can now put a full color vibrant picture on your clothing for the same price as a single color and then purchase just a few shirts to use for order taking.

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