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ADA Signs

It can often be daunting trying to figure out how to properly follow all the regulations involved with ADA signage. We have many years of experience in helping our Customers to properly meet the requirements of the American with Disability Act, such as self-luminous and photoluminescent stairwell signs. Unlike many sign companies that are middlemen for their ADA signs, we produce the signage In-House. As manufacturers of ADA signage, it is our business to understand how to assist you in properly meeting all ADA guidelines and regulations.

There are several distinct types of ADA signage. The most commonly produced, and least expensive, ADA signage is the raster/braille method. The photopolymer method is the next most common method. The newest type of ADA signage is UV ink 3D ADA signage. We produce all (3) types of ADA signage In-House with our employees. Since we are not purchasing these signs from a wholesaler and reselling them to you, we don’t have to wait for the wholesaler to produce the sign and ship it to us. The more people involved with your project, the higher probability for a mistake. If there is a mistake with a wholesaler, it would require shipping the sign back and waiting for a replacement to be shipped. We don’t feel that is a fair way to service our Customers, so we acquired state of the art equipment to produce all types of ADA signage at our Carnegie production facility.  We strive to produce the highest quality ADA signs at a competitive price. If we make a rare mistake, we fix it immediately.

We have (3) engraving machines used to produce our raster/braille ADA signs. The rotary engravers drill small holes for the ADA in the sign material that allow for us to insert the raster beads into the holes with a raster braille tool. This is a high quality and very attractive method to produce ADA signage. We can produce any custom design or color to meet our Customers’ requirements.

Photopolymer ADA Signs

We have photopolymer developing equipment to produce photopolymer ADA Signage. The photopolymer signage is most commonly used in schools and hospitals. It is a one-piece sign and raster beads are not used in the manufacture of these signs. The raised braille is vacuum formed so as to create the braille from a single sheet of sign material. Some architects require this signage because they are concerned that vandals can pry the beads from the raster/braille ADA signs. It is true that the photopolymer signs are more difficult to vandalize but they are more expensive than the raster/braille ADA signs. Over many years, we have only had one customer that had the beads pried from the raster/braille ADA signs, but it is a possibility. Of course, a determined vandal can deface any sign. So it really comes down to a matter of preference for our Customers and their Architects. If you choose to use photopolymer signs, we can produce them very efficiently In-House at a competitive price.

3D ADA Signage

The newest variation of ADA signage is UV ink 3D ADA signage. Our Arizona Flatbed Printer will make 23 passes printing layer after layer of the industry’s best UV ink on virtually any substrate to produce vibrant 3D ADA signs that are very durable. These signs are priced between the raster/braille ADA signs and the photopolymer ADA signs. Whereas photopolymer ADA signs are not well suited to outdoor applications, UV 3D signs, as well as the raster/braille ADA signs, can be manufactured for outdoor use.

If your project requires ADA signage, we hope you will give our experts the opportunity to help you meet your ADA requirements with a high quality, competitively priced product that best suits your needs.

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