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Cabinet Signs

Our employees manufacture of all our cabinet signs In-House and installed by our installers. We do not order the cabinet from a foreign manufacture and assemble it. We will not subcontract the installation. We insist on controlling the quality of our product as well as having the flexibility to better meet customer deadlines without being hampered by a variety of problems that can occur when reselling a product manufactured by a wholesaler and/or subcontracting the installation.

We produce a high quality sign cabinet at a very competitive price. We can finish your project in a reasonable timeframe and we control all aspects of your project from design through installation. We take full responsibility for having your project done right the first time.

Sign Design & Fabrication

Cabinet signs start out with the design phase. Our sales representatives work with our Customers and our Graphic Designers (and their design team if needed). We use our experience and knowledge to help you arrive at the perfect design for your project. Once you have approved every aspect of the design, we send the project to our aluminum fabricators.

We often require the use of our CNC Router and our Hydraulic Shear to create the various parts for your cabinet from raw materials.

Once the parts are created, our aluminum fabricators will manufacture the sign cabinet.

Painting & Wiring

After fabrication, most sign cabinets require painting. Our paint team uses Mathews Paint System to match any conceivable color and uses our state of the art climate controlled paint booth to finish the aluminum with a beautiful, long lasting paint. Matthews is a catalyst paint and has the longest life in the industry.

Next, we wire the cabinet with the newest technology LED lighting whenever the application allows. Some applications are still best served by High Output Fluorescent Tubes. During the design phase, Customers will determine which option is best for their project.

Cabinet Sign Faces

Depending on the cabinet size and customers’ desires, we can produce a variety of different types of sign faces. The most frequently chosen sign face is acrylic. We have the flexibility to produce reverse printed UV faces, front printed and laminated UV or Latex, or translucent vinyl acrylic faces. Our designers will work with our Customers to choose the best option for their project.

Some Customers will choose to have routed aluminum faces and use push thru acrylic letters. It creates a different look that is quite popular although more expensive than traditional acrylic faces.

We also have the capability to produce flex face sign faces that are most commonly used with very large cabinets. It allows for a large face with no seams and is a better product for very large faces because the flex face can absorb very high winds without sustaining damage.

Sign Installation

Finally, our very experienced In-House installers will install your cabinet sign in a safe and professional manner using equipment that is properly inspected and insured. We will not subcontract your installation to another company. Our team takes great pride in creating your project from the design phase until final installation. It is exciting for us to take a Customers vision and turn it in to a beautiful functioning sign to highlight their business and allow them to successfully develop their brand.

Allow us the opportunity to serve you and we will get the job done!


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