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Channel Letters

Channel Letters are a very attractive and classy option for your signage. You see them all around you at malls, strip malls, and many large companies. They are three dimensional, individually lighted letters or designs that are either mounted individually on a building or mounted on a raceway that is then mounted on the building.

Until several years ago, we had an in-house neon bender that created the neon tube to illuminate the letters from the inside. However, the progress made in the advent of LED lighting has made neon obsolete for channel letter lighting. The LED’s have a larger color gambit, they are less expensive to purchase, easier to install, cost less to operate, and have a longer life. Our neon bender is still employed with us, but she is in charge of our large format printing and vinyl lettering department.

Channel Letter Fabrication

We are using the latest technology to produce our channel letters using LED lighting, and we manufacture a high-quality letter using .060 aluminum backs and 3/16” acrylic faces on our standard sized channel letters. Larger letters require even thicker aluminum and acrylic. Unlike many of our competitors’, we do not use thinner aluminum backs or thinner acrylic faces to save money because it creates an inferior product. Unfortunately, some manufactures are not honest about the quality of the materials they are using in their manufacture process. We invite all our Customers to visit our manufacturing facility in Carnegie while their project is being produced so they can observe firsthand the materials being used for their project. We are proud of our workforce and our production process and we are always excited to show a Customer how their job is progressing.

We cut the faces and backs of our channel letters using our AXYZ Trident CNC Router. It is one of the industry’s best and produces precise, quality cuts every time.

The returns (sides) of the channel letters are produced by one of our skilled employees using our Accubend channel letter machine. It creates perfect returns every time. The returns come in a variety of sizes and colors and we can even custom paint the returns to match an exact color if required.

The returns are attached to the backs by our skilled employees using our Accupunch machine. It produces a very structurally sound letter. It is a better method than rivets and is more economical to produce.

Next, our employees attach the LED lighting and transformers. There are endless options available with respect to color and brightness.

Raceway or Individual Mounted Letters

Some customers have their channel letter signs mounted on a raceway to meet their landlord specifications or because it allows for an easier and less expensive installation. Many customers like the look of the individually mounted letters. If a raceway is required, our fabricators will manufacture it during the production process. We will paint the raceway to match any color our Customer’s desire.

Precision Sign & Awning employees will be completing every phase of the manufacture of your channel letters. From design thru manufacture, our employees will produce your channel letters In-House at our Carnegie location. Once complete, Precision Sign and Awning employees will install your signage.

Our employees working on your project from start to finish is what sets us apart. We control the production process and we take full responsibility for every part of it. If there is ever any problem, there will not be an argument whether the wholesale manufacture, the retail sign company, or the installation subcontractor dropped the ball. Precision Sign & Awning will be responsible, and we will make it right.

We stand by our products with a 3-year warranty on the letters and installation which differs significantly from the 1-year warranty offered by most of our competitors’.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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