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Business Sign Service & LED Retrofit

Business signs, like any product, are susceptible to natural disasters, vandalism, eventual electrical component failure and other causes that require servicing.

Most signs requiring servicing are illuminated sign cabinets or individually illuminated channel letters; although we can service, fix, or replace any type of signage.

Common Business Sign Service Problems

Usually the problems are electrical in nature with the common problems being:

  • Broken transformer
  • Burnt out light bulbs
  • Broken neon

LED Retrofit

With recent advances in LED Lighting, Customers’ have important decisions to make when their signs need servicing.

Both florescent lamps and neon tubing are now quite inferior to LED lights in almost every respect.

When your sign needs serviced, it is a good time to consider an LED Retrofit instead of just fixing the older sign.

Whether the sign is lit with florescent lamps or neon, the advantages and cost savings associated with an LED Retrofit can be a wise choice in most scenarios.

Neon and Channel Letter Sign Service.

Older style Channel Letters were lit with neon tubes prior to the evolution of the LED lights, which slowly became advanced enough in design to overtake neon in the level of brightness.

Today, LED Lighting has completely replaced neon for internal illumination of Channel Letter Lighting.

If a you have a Channel Letter Sign with inoperable or broken neon (or neon transformers) that need replaced, it is a good time to consider an LED Retrofit.

Advantages of LED over Neon

  • Much more energy efficient than neon lights (Expect an 80% energy savings over a 10 year period)
  • Environmentally safer than neon tubes that contain harmer chemicals.
  • Brighter than Neon
  • Significantly less expensive than neon lights
  • Significantly less expensive power supplies than neon light transformers
  • Longer lasting than neon lights
  • Power supplies last longer than neon transformers
  • They are easier to install (less labor) than neon lights
  • They are easier to service (less labor) than neon lights
  • They are safer since they use 12v or 24v instead of 7500 or 15000 VAC neon power supplies
  • It is often quite expensive to replace neon and neon transformers.
  • It usually makes sense to retrofit your neon sign to LED when the sign needs serviced.
  • A LED lighting can save you money on energy costs.
  • LED lighting increase the brightness of the signage making your sign more visible and noticeable.

We are confident that you will be much happier when you retrofit an older neon Channel Letter Sign because you won’t be burdened with additional sections of the neon needing serviced or the additional neon transformers likely to break in the future.

Since neon is seldom used today in sign applications, neon benders are quite hard to find, often backed up for months, and are quite expensive; making the LED Retrofit an attractive option.

Sign Cabinet Service

Newer sign cabinets are now made with LED Lights, but fluorescent lamps were the main type of lighting source for decades up until several years ago.

When your sign cabinet is not lighting properly, you have a few options to consider when requesting service.

If the problem is just burnt out lamps, they can be replaced inexpensively. However; if transformers need to be replaced, the advantages of an LED Retrofit can be very advantageous.

Advantages of LED over Florescent Lamps

  • Much more energy efficient than Florescent Lamps (Expect an 90% energy savings over a 10 year period)
  • Much Brighter than Florescent Lamps
  • Significantly less expensive than Florescent Lamps
  • Less expensive power supplies
  • Much Longer lasting than Florescent Lamps
  • They are easier to install (less labor) than Florescent Lamps
  • They are easier to service (less labor) than Florescent Lamps
  • Much less electrical components to fail; less wiring, no sockets, and fewer electrical connections
  • Florescent bulbs are rated for 20000 hours. LED Lights are rated for 50000 hours

Our Business Sign & LED Retrofit Service

We are experienced in all types of sign service and lighting and we can help you make the best decision for your individual needs.

Whether you need a simple florescent bulb changed or an LED Retrofit, we have capable, competent and reliable employees that can get your job done. Our experienced crews can service any sign in a timely manner at competitive pricing.

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