Best Indoor Signs for Your Business

If you are like most business owners, you already put a lot of thought and attention into the signs you use on the outside or your business.

But, what about the signs on the inside?

They are just as important – and sometimes even more so if you are located inside a mall or other similar facility.
To make the best impression, you want your interior signs to look just as professional and easy to read as any of the signs located on the outside of your business.

Just like there are different types of signs to choose from for the outside of your facility, there are a number of options to review for the signs inside of your business or office.

To help you better understand your choices, the following are five of the best signs to use indoors. From readability to compliance issues, these five sign types can help give your business a better look and more customer-friendly experience.

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Channel Letter Signs

Most of the appeal for channel letter signs is the same as it is for indoors as outdoor use. Your options are much more varied than you have with nearly any other sign type.

From individual letters and a logo to an easy to read single sign, this particular type of sign lets you decide the best way to present your business to the general public. Channel letter signs can make the name of your business stand out inside a mall.

They are not the best option for compliance (so you won’t want to use these signs for things like exit signs or Braille), but they are perfect for displaying the name of your company in a way that stands out and creates a great first impression.

The cost for these signs is a bit higher than many other types in the beginning, but they have some of the lowest maintenance costs.

While you may need to pay more upfront, you will end up saving money in the long run. With LED lights to ensure that they light up, these signs use less energy to power the lighting and have a longer life-expectancy for the light bulbs.

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs provide a professional look while allowing for the addition of more information if desired.

As an interior sign, it is great for things like maps and presenting both large and small pieces of information. Customization is relatively easy, and it is primarily up to the customer how large or small these signs will be.

Typically made of aluminum with acrylic letters, they are lightweight and durable. Given the very affordable material used to make these signs, they are a great choice for a sign that is simple, yet professional in appearance.

One of the reasons cabinet signs are commonly used inside building is because they typically have a single-color background and bold letters that make the name of the company really stand out. That is a nice, clean look for the inside that lets customers and potential clients quickly find what they want.

ADA Signs

Businesses need to meet certain compliance requirements, and an ADA sign ensures that your business complies with the law.

The ADA, or American with Disability Act, has requirements for certain signs such as:

  • Sign lighting
  • Sign placement
  • Has Braille

The requirements are to ensure that those with disabilities are able to get around on their own as much as possible. Most businesses have to meet these requirements but aren’t sure how to go about complying with the law.

ADA signs are designed to meet the needs of those with disabilities, particularly disabilities dealing with vision, and must meet specific requirements. If your office or building has signs for stairs, exits and restrooms, you will probably be required have ADA signage with Braille.

A company that offers these types of signs already has a good understanding of the laws and what you will need to do to comply with those requirements. They can help you determine which signs are best for your specific needs.

Typically, you won’t need to consider ADA signs for the exterior of your business, but you will definitely need to have ADA signs inside your facility. These signs are designed to ensure that you comply with the law and still have a clean, professional looking sign.

Engraved Signs

Engraved signsbuilding sign are primarily used inside because they offer a way of helping provide details, such as plaques.

They are not limited to just a few colors either. You can select a color and font that matches your particular business.

For buildings with multiple businesses or departments, such as professional buildings or hospitals, these are the preferred sign used for providing information to customers and clients.

Engraved signs typically include just the necessary information, such as providing directions to different departments or designating exits. They can be combined with ADA signs so that you remain in compliance with the law while also providing a very professional look.

As the name suggests, all of the information on the sign is engraved into the base material. This ensures that it will have the same clean appearance for a much longer period of time since there is not color to smudge or bulbs that will go out.

The best part about engraved signs is that they are relatively inexpensive but look elegant.

Dimensional Signs

Dimensional signs are more of a luxury and are most often found in places like hotels and convention centers. These types of signs are often used just outside of meeting rooms or as a directory for rooms on a particular floor.

These signs stand out from the wall creating the dimensional look that looks more futuristic. You can put nearly anything on these signs, although most companies tend to place just text on them.

This could be the perfect sign for you if your business is well known by its logo or if you are looking for an ever more eye-popping looking sign because logos or other little graphics tend to attract more attention.

The information on these signs can be painted onto the material or be carved into it. If you want to really make the words stand out, you can do both.

Instead of the hard wood that was originally used to create the dimensional affect, a high-density urethane is used because it is more durable and easier to clean.

Final Word About Indoor Business Signs

While many places spend a lot of time considering how their outdoor signs should look, the signs on the interior are just as important, especially signs that need to meet certain requirements.

The signs that are inside a facility need to be very clear and concise so that people can read them easily.

For businesses like hotels and convention centers, the signs are typically more stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

There are so many options and needs for internal signs, you will be able to find the right look and style for your business.

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