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Business Sign Installation Service

A quality sign installation is crucial to the success of any sign project.

Precision Sign & Awning is a City of Pittsburgh Licensed Business Sign Installer and has competent, professional installers to install your signage professionally, with proper permits and insurance and with the right equipment. The installation will be done in a timely fashion and in a safe and professional manner.

Sign Permits

The first consideration is whether a sign permit will be required.

All signs do not require a permit, but every community has specific rules as to what requires a permit and what does not.

As business owners, you strive to maintain good community relations and angering your municipality by failing to abide by their signage regulations and permitting process is something we all want to avoid.

How we help you with your sign permit:

  • We have the knowledge and experience dealing with the permit process in most areas of Pittsburgh.
  • We understand all the regulations and will ensure you are in compliance with all regulations.
  • We will ensure your permits are applied for and secured in a timely manner.

Sign Installation Plan

Once the proper permits are secured (if required), an experienced sign installer is required to complete the job.

With a vast number of different sign products and different installation environments, an experienced professional is crucial to ensure your sign is installed safely and to every Customer’s satisfaction. Our team at Precision Sign & Awning will devise a plan to install your signage with an installer experienced with your type of signage.


The proper equipment is very important for every sign installation. Cranes and bucket trucks each have their uses, but it is important to use the proper equipment for each job.

This is not an area where we refuse to cut corners to save money. Precision Sign & Awning always that the proper equipment including two new cranes and two bucket trucks.

OSHA Regulations for Busines Sign Installations

Recent changes in OSHA Regulations require very specific rules to be followed when using any type of crane. Failure to comply with those regulations has caused immediate work stoppages by OSHA inspectors.

We comply with all of the regulations and have certified crane operators to protect you and your sign installation project from any jeopardy.


Proper Insurance is a must when contracting any sign company to do an on-site installation at your business. Insurance is very expensive these days, but it is required and essential to the safe installation of your project.

Many fly-by-night companies just ignore insurance requirements which can put a customer’s business in legal jeopardy.

Precision Sign & Awning has excellent insurance for our entire company and every piece of equipment that we will bring to your location is adequately insured. We are happy to provide you with a copy of our insurance upon request.

A City of Pittsburgh Licensed Sign Installer

If you are installing a new business sign in the City of Pittsburgh, you must use a contractor licensed by the city.

Precision Sign & Awning is licensed to install business signs within city limits and has the experience and the knowledge in all the City of Pittsburgh regulations and permitting requirements.

Although almost all municipalities’ have sign ordinances that must be followed, The City of Pittsburgh is particularly comprehensive and it would be ill-advised to attempt to secure signage without an experienced and licensed contractor to assist you in your project.

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Owner & President

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