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EPS Monument Signs

In the past, the monument structure for Monument Signs were designed by architects and the stone or brick was built by a stone mason. Then a sign company would finish the sign face or sign portion of the sign and mount or attach it to the monument structure. With advances in technology, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) monument structures have replaced the stone mason in most applications.

EPS Monument Signs Fabrication & Installation

 These signs are created with complex 3D CNC Routers to a Customers’ exact specifications. They have an extremely durable inner core made from expanded polystyrene with a poly-armor top coat and a scratch resistant very durable catalyst paint finish.

The EPS monuments allow Customers to choose from a lot more exciting shapes than would be possible with a stone mason and they are less expensive and much easier to install. The type of signage options for the lettering and designs on the monument face are almost endless. We are proud distributers for Peachtree City Foamcraft Products. We believe they make the best EPS monuments in the world. The Company only sells thru distributors. They rely on their distributors to design, coordinate the manufacture, and complete the installation of their EPS monuments in conjunction with a Customers’ overall sign project. They have 56 standard monument designs that can be manufactured to any specifications and color combinations.

Precision Sign & Awning will help you design and choose your monument structure and coordinate its manufacture thru Peachtree. We will manufacture the signage of your choice for the face or design portion of your Monument Sign In-House. Then our installers will install your signage to complete your truly unique project.

The variety and styles of monument signs are only limited by your imagination. Let us use our skills and years of experience to create your project with the highest quality materials on deadline and a fair and competitive price.

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